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Content Marketer

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About Sequence

With the proliferation of embedded finance, Banking-as-a-service and open banking, new financial services are offered by more companies every day.
The average American juggles around 15 different accounts, including credit cards, loans, bank accounts, and fintech apps.
This fragmentation of services has made it increasingly challenging to track, comprehend, manage, and optimize our financial lives.
That’s why we created Sequence; The world’s first financial router.
With Sequence, consumers and small business owners get to:
  • Visualize their money: Bring together all their bank accounts, credit cards, savings funds, investments, and more into one place as a dynamic money map.
  • Automate their money: Sequence enables you to create automations powered by smart rules and IF statements. These automations help boost savings, optimize finances, and automatically move money based on dates, balance status, and other criteria.
  • Take action and get the full picture: Unlike other personal finance platforms, Sequence is actionable. You can execute your financial strategy directly from the platform, making it easier to stay on top of your finances and take control of your financial goals.

The Role

We are looking for a team player who will become the first brick in our marketing content and education team. You will be in charge of connecting everything written from blog posts through emails and all the way to social media posts to Sequence’s strategy, objectives and key results.

Let’s talk straight: We pay well, we have high standards, and we respect your needs. We’ll do what it takes for you to be successful, happy, and excited to keep coming to work with us for the long run.

What you'll do:

  • Create blog posts and write articles about, well… Finance.
  • Create marketing videos (writing scripts)
  • Own and manage all social media channels
  • Help the marketing team with ads
  • Email marketing
  • Micro copy
  • Support our community building efforts through content creation


  • English mother tongue
  • 3+ years of experience writing and managing content
  • Working with and managing freelance writers
  • Great understanding of social media (especially Twitter)


  • Understanding of personal finance strategies, tactics and trends
  • Experience in fintech
  • Hidden talent (design, coding, holding breath underwater for 5+ minutes, etc.)

Who you'll work with:

At Sequence, you'll join a passionate team of people who are working hard so people can put every dollar they earn toward its best use. Our culture is unendingly curious, collaborative, empathetic, direct, and people-first. No assholes allowed. Our team, values and mission keep our work creative, ever-expanding, and overwhelmingly rewarding. (Plus, we have Taco Thursdays.)